5 Reasons to Unveil Your New Website Before 2018

5 Reasons to Unveil Your New Website Before 2018


Your digital strategy is not clear.

Do you have a digital strategy? If you don’t then you really need to put one in place.

Having a new website can be the focus point of your digital strategy that brings it all together.

A digital strategy can come in many forms but usually, it is a document that outlines your plans for short-term marketing.  This digital plan is put in place to succeed online.

This is a reason to invest in a new website as the website will be shared across all your social media channels. Your posts on social media should direct your audience to your website, which converts the website visitors into customers.

You are not using videos

For the past couple of years, video has played a massive part in inbound marketing strategies.

By creating videos and publishing them on your business’ social media channels will generate website views, more visitors means more potential customers.

This is a reason to invest in a new website as video will increase more before 2018. Engage your customers with an entertaining video. Dependant upon on the type of business you are in will determine on the type of video you will create. For example if you sell a product or service your best bet is to create a video explaining what your product/service is/does.

The content on your website is not giving the right message to your website’s visitors.

Content is the most important part of your website. So why is it always a second thought?  Words convert your website visitors into customers and clients. Many businesses don’t regularly update their website content, which gives out a totally different message to the one in which you wanted to give.

This is a reason to invest in a new website as content is very important. So having a new website that gives your visitors the right message is key.

Your website not being responsive is giving your visitors a poor experience when they are on the move.

In 2017 mobile internet browsing is massive. But businesses are giving their website visitors poor experiences as their websites are not responsive to mobile and tablet devices. This is only going to be even more the case into 2018.

This is a massive reason to invest into a new website as your business can not ignore the way people visit their website. You must ensure that your website can be consumed and offers the perfect experience on both mobile devices as well as desktop. If you don’t change the way your website is shown you are going to lose potential business.

Your visitors are unsure of what action or what they need on your website.

The visitors that you want to appeal to will changes over time so there is no doubt that your website will become outdated.

Can your visitors find the precious information that’s on your website?

Each type of user in which is visiting your website is looking for something different, but does your current website cater for all the different type of visitors needs?

Whether you’re looking to get your new website up and running before 2018 or you think you need a redesign of your current outdated website Anndan Media is happy to work with you. We can review your current site to determine how a redesign might help you achieve your business goals.